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Parts for Sale

Beitrag von Knighty » Do Feb 28, 2019 15:56

Sorry to be posting in English!

I have an ex-fire service 718K and have been stripping it out, and these parts are available for sale.

1/ Storage Chest - aluminium box with a folding lid and the top part of the front panel also hinges for access. There's a hatch to access the cover for the timing belt. The box measures: 119cm wide; 61cm high; 41cm deep and it was made to sit nicely behind the bulkhead.

2/ Rear Bench Seat - This is a full width seat that sits on a shaped aluminium frame. The backing board is in two pieces and is vertical, and has 3 inertia seat belts. There is no padding on the vertical section as the firemen had oxygen bottles behind them. I guess this will be suitable for 716K and 718K and potentially for 710K and 712K but perhaps with some modification.

3/ Scene Lighting - This is fitted on the rear right side with a profiled plate to fit the K model, and it extends to 2 meters high with it's own 24v onboard air system. It's incredibly expensive brand new (£5,820 + VAT!). It's possible to add an extra pair of twin lights, although the original ones are expensive.

All these parts are located in Kent, UK, which is likely inconvenient for most, although I thought it worthwhile posting here prior to going onto eBay.

2019-02-16 12.52.45.jpg
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